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Self Storage Packing Tips

Skids To Keep Contents Off the Floor
Brookville Stor N Lock provides skids for use by our customers. It is recommended that furniture and boxes be placed on skids and not directly on the concrete floor.

Check Your Unit Frequently
We recommend that you check your unit often and report any problems to our office.

Furniture Storage
When storing your furniture, avoid the use of plastic and bubble wrap. These do not allow your furniture to "breathe" and can result in condensation build-up causing unpleasant odor and deterioration. Always be careful to leave enough space between items to allow easy access and airflow. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of the furniture. Prolonged pressure from the heavy object can cause permanent marks and indentations in the furniture.

Small Appliances
Pack in factory boxes whenever possible and cushion with wadded, not shredded, newspaper. (Shredded paper can get into the machines and cause damage.)

Large Appliances

Since you'll be using your refrigerator, freezer, stove, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, and air conditioner up until the last day, they should be packed last and loaded first on moving day. Consult your user's manual, Then, follow these simple instructions: Empty and defrost your refrigerator and freezer, and drain the water from your washing machine. Wipe and dry the interiors. Remove all fittings and accessories and pack in plastic bags. Fill interiors with linens, cloths and stuffed toys. Stuff towels between the washing machine sides and tub to keep the tub from rotating. Tape or tie down al moveable parts and doors. Finally, cover appliances with pads and tie with rope. Remember to more large appliances in an upright position. Watch out for external coils on the back of major appliances. Never put the hand truck strap on top of coils.

Take beds apart and mark pieces so they're easy to put back together. Tie bed rails together with rope or tape. Protect mattresses by leaving the sheets on them or wrapping them in mattress covers.

Pack them flat in small cartons that weigh no more than 30#'s. Alternate bindings, and cushion with wadded newspaper.

Hang cloths in wardrobe boxes. Leave small garments in bureau drawers.

Wrap fragile items like figurines and ceramics with bubble wrap and tape securely.

Never stack dishes flat. Wrap each piece in bubble wrap. (If you use newspaper, put each piece in a plastic bag first to save dishwashing time later.) Pack dishes, saucers and platters on their edge. Nestle cups and bowls. Cushion with dishtowels, pot holders, or paper.

Pots, pans, colanders, etc. can be nestled and cushioned with newspaper between each piece. Set aside the most essential cookware for the first few days in your new home. Label this box as the fist to be opened one you arrive.

If you can, remove legs and extra leaves. Pad them and tie them together. Tape hardware to the underside of the table tops.

Tools and Gardening Equipment
Pack hoses and small tools in boxes. Tie rakes, shovels and long-handled tools together.

Humidity Control
A chemical dehumidifier or charcoal placed within your storage unit can help in eliminating moisture in the air.