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570 Albert Road
Brookville, Ohio 45309

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Brookville Stor-N-Lock Unit Sizes

Space Estimator

Our Units Provide More Usable Space.
Each Unit Is 10 Feet In Height.

Storage Unit Size
Example Room
Example Items



Walk-in Closet

Contents of small bedroom, couch and chair, mattress set, several boxes or Motorcycle



Large Walk-in Closet

Furnishings for a one bedroom apartment with no appliances, several boxes



Average Size Bedroom

Furnishings for a one bedroom apartment with appliances, lawn tools



Large Bedroom

Furnishings for a two bedroom apartment, appliances, furniture
or Small car



Small One Car Garage

Furnishings for a two to three bedroom apartment or small house, appliances, lawn equipment
or Car or small boat



Long One Car Garage

Furnishings for a four or five bedroom house, appliances, lawn equipment, patio furniture, car, truck, RV or boat or Contents of a 40' moving van or car plus 1-2 rooms furniture